Series of 3

My special day was on my birthday because Ashton came over; he’s my friend.  I also picked my birthday because it is my favourite event in December. Why? Well, because I get to have birthday presents, cake, ice cream and then we celebrate Christmas the next day. It is so, so awesome!

My cake is always filled with delicious toppings: fluffy white whip cream, chocolate ice cream, colourful sparkles that crunch between my teeth. Sometimes I get what I asked for on my birthday, but no matter what I get, it is the time with family and friends that truly counts.

Halloween Poem

Ghosts, Skeletons and Vampires

There once was a house.

Haunted it was, filled with a bunch of:

Spooky ghosts.

Clickety skeletons and

Evil vampires.

Boowoo went the ghosts,

Snickety snack went the skeletons,

While the thirsty vampires dreamed of flavorful blood.

The ghosts liked to swirl,

As the skeletons danced,

Though the vampires preferred listening to beating hearts.

The ghosts practiced being eerie,

The skeletons rattled their teeth,

The vampires favoured sleeping through the day,

In their cozy wooden coffins.

As the night got darker it was time,

For the ghosts, and the skeletons and the vampires to

Give off a good scare.

So watch out little ones for tonight they are coming,

They are coming on for you,

This Halloween night!

Hello world!


I kick. I boot.

I jump high.

I run fast.

I leap to bump the coming ball.

I trip. I dodge.

I skid. I fall.

I beat the goalie!

I trick. I trip.

I jerk. I knock.

I clap and cheer for my winning teammates.